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Apartments Rampini

Rovinj - Svetvinčenat
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Apartments Rampini

The Rampini apartments are located in Svetvincenat (Savicenta), Stokovci village, in the middle of Istria on the halfway betwen Pazin and Pula. This place is ideal for spending a quiet holidays or vacation with children and familiy far away from daily stress and city noise,with private sw...

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Apartment Rampini 4

Apartments Rampini

Rovinj - Svetvinčenat - Private accommmodation
Prices from: 40 Per night


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Why visit Svetvinčenat?
Svetvinčenat is considered one of the best urbanistically planned Istrian towns. The regular structure can best be seen on the town square, where the landmarks of Svetvinčenat are located: the citadel, parish church, loggia and the well.