Welcome to the City of Bale - medieval centre!

The town of Bale developed in the Roman age, when it was fortified to protect the merchant route from Trieste to Pula. This is the medieval centre with stone houses, Gothic buildings and paved streets. The main features are the Parish Church and the Soardo-Bembo Castle. In the area of Bale, there are numerous rural estates, former centers of agricultural production, which included the landowner's and farmhand's houses, stables and other farmhouses. In the renovation of the typical Istria and Mediterranean landscape, rural estates become the tourist destination for elite guests.

Near Bale, in the Palud bay, is the swamp, designated an ornithological reserve due to a large number of birds that nest here. Expert guides are available for birdwatchers. Aside from birds, it is inhabited by turtles, eels and mullets, and you can also visit it by bike.